peanut chiki

Peanut Chiki

sesame chiki

Sesame Chiki

coconut chiki

Coconut Chiki

all mix chiki

All Mix Chiki


Jaggery is the only ingredient, that we use to manufacture Chiki. No other preservatives or additives are added. This is what makes our product special. As jaggery is the main source in chiki products, it is very healthy for human body.

Chiki is a seasonal product and is available during the winter months from November to February. Chiki is consumed mainly in the western and southern parts of India as a sweet.

There is a wide range of Chiki products that we manufacture. The list of how various chiki products are made can be found as below:
>> Peanut Chiki (made from Jaggery and Roasted Peanuts)
>> Sesame Chiki (made from Jaggery and Roasted Sesame Seeds)
>> Coconut Chiki (made from Jaggery, Coconut Flakes and Crushed Peanuts)
>> Allmix Chiki (made from Jaggery, Peanuts, Sesame Seeds, Black Sesame Seeds and Coconut Flakes)
>> Dry Fruit Chiki (made from Jaggery, Almond, Cashews and Pistachio)
>> Crush Chiki (made from Jaggery, Hull Sesame Seeds and Crushed Peanuts)
>> Daliya Chiki (made from Jaggery and Yellow Gram)

Packing Information

>> Box Color: Yellow and Red
>> Box Type: Corrugated Box
>> Weight: 250gms / 500gms