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Raw Plastic Granules

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Sortex Plastic Granules

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Plastic Granules

Plastic Granules are of two types based on the nature of its manufacturing process. The plastic granules obtained by refining petroleum are known as Virgin Plastic Granules. The second type of granules are obtained by recycling the plastic waste, which is known as Recycled Plastic Granules (also know as Next-to-Virgin Plastic Granules).

Virgin plastic granules are transparent in color and are mostly used in the manufacturing of different kinds of transparent plastic products. Whereas the recycled plastic granules can be mixed with desired colors to manufacture different kinds of colorful plastic products.

Packing Information

>> Bag Color: White
>> Weight: 25kgs / 30kgs / 50kgs


>> Plastic Granules are used to manufacture plastic containers, ropes, bottles, etc.

>> Plastic Granules are considered to be the basic raw material to manufacture any kinds of plastic products used in our day-to-day life.