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Technical Parameters

Fine Sort Processor


Enhanced DSP+FPGA the latest international processor technology, with high processing efficiency, more accurate and real time processing capability.

Fine Sort Camera


High resolution linear import quality 4096 pixels resolution and 4.5 m/s scanning speed CCD camera, high speed intelligent image acquisition system. The recognition accuracy is as high as 0.04 mm2 range.

Fine Sort Light


Optical & Innovative LED light system, with high brightness, low power consumption & long life efficiency. This makes sorting more accurate. Changeable and adjustable automatic background based on input commodity.

Fine Sort Chute


The chute adopts Nano type module technology and forms hard oxidation process. This makes chute’s surface more smooth and strong. Chute is used for sorting hard material for a long time, with stable performance and long lasting life.

Fine Sort High Quality Ejectors

High Quality Ejectors

High frequency electromagnetic valve with super low air consumption. High consistent performance ensuring highest capacity and intelligent rejection output.

Fine Sort Touch Screen

Touch Screen

Touch screen with color selection mode, faster reaction speed, different modes, easy to use and simple interface.

Fine Sort Line Array CCD Sensor

Line Array CCD Sensor

The world’s leading industrial grade color special 2048 line array CCD Sensor, High definition Imaging technique, which can be applied to a variety of materials and colors. Helps in achieving grain color selection.

Schematic Diagram of Color Sorter Machine

Description :-

Each and every grain passes through and inspected by two cameras from front and two cameras from rear side and sends synchronized signals to the processor.

No missing of defective material at a high speed sorting. The double side view is very important to sort out unshelled dal and partially defective grains.

Once the processor receives the signal about unwanted particles, then the processor activates the ejectors to shoot down the unwanted particles.