Color Sorter Machines

Color Sorters are machines that are used on the production lines in bulk food processing and other industries. They separate items by their colours, detecting the colours of things that pass before them, and using mechanical or pneumatic ejection devices to divert items whose colours do not fall within the acceptable range.

Color Sorters are mostly used in sorting agricultural grains, pulses and plastic granules. The rice sorting industry is the first big market. The second sorting market is in use for coarse cereals, such as wheat, corn, peanut, different kinds of beans, sesame seeds, etc. Sorting machines improve product quality and add social benefits.

Vibratory feeders located on the top of the machine are used to feed the Color Sorter Machine. The grains/seeds/granules fall from the vibratory feeder onto the chutes of the machine. There are CCD sensors and cameras situated at the end of the chutes, which detects the unwanted particles and passes on the signals to the processor.

The processor upon receiving signals immediately passes on the signals to the ejectors to fire a puff of air, so as to remove those unwanted particles detected by the cameras. These unwanted particles are collected inside a rejection bin, which is situated in front of the acception bin, that collects good particles.


>> Color Sorter Machines are used to clean and sort agricultural crops like Wheat, Rice, Peanuts, Sesame Seeds, Onion Flakes, Garlic Flakes, etc.
>> Seeds like Fenugreek Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Corriander Seeds, Black Sesame Seeds, etc. can be sortex cleaned using Color Sorter Machines which ultimately increases the value of the products.
>> Pulses like Green Gram, Yellow Gram, Black Gram, etc. are sortex cleaned in the Color Sorter Machines before being exported to other countries.
>> A mixture of Plastic Granules containing more than 1 colors can also be sorted with the help of Color Sorter Machines.
>> Tea and Coffee industries also make the use of Color Sorter Machines to clean tea, coffee, beans, etc.