plain bhakhri

Plain Bhakhri

jeera bhakhri

Jeera Bhakhri

methi bhakhri

Methi Bhakhri

masala bhakhri

Masala Bhakhri


Bhakri is a round flat unleavened bread often used in the cuisine of the state of mainly Maharashtra, Gujarat, Goa, Rajasthan, etc. in India. It is coarser than a roti. It can be either soft or hard in texture, similar to Khakhra in respect to hardness.

Being a staple bread, bhakri is served with curd, chutney, baingan bharta, vegetables, and rice. It is made mostly from wheat flour. Bhakris are made primarily with hot water, and flour. It has traditionally been the farmer's food which would be carried to the farm at the crack of dawn and make up for both breakfast and lunch.

Dry bhakhri has been launched by M V Foods as a traveller's food. This is because the box is designed in such a way that it consumes very less space in the luggage and helps beat hunger very fast. There are following five flavours available:
>> Plain Bhakhri
>> Jeera Bhakhri
>> Methi Bhakhri
>> Masala Bhakhri
>> Butter Bhakhri

Packing Information

>> Box Color: Yellow and Red
>> Box Type: Laminated
>> Weight: 200gms