regular papad

Regular Papad

coin papad

Coin Papad

punjabi papad

Punjabi Papad


Papad is a thin, crisp, disc-shaped food from the Indian subcontinent; typically based on a seasoned dough usually made from peeled black gram flour (urad flour), fried or cooked with dry heat.

Papad is typically served as an accompaniment to a meal in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka or as an appetizer or snack, sometimes with toppings such as chopped onions, chopped carrots, chutneys or other dips, and condiments.

Papad can be cooked by deep frying, roasting over an open flame or can be roasted in the microwave also. Following kinds of Papad are available:
>> Regular Papad (also known as Single Mari Papad)
>> Coin Papad
>> Punjabi Papad (also known as Double Mari Papad)

Packing Information

>> Packet Color: Yellow and Red
>> Packet Type: Zip Lock
>> Weight: 250gms / 500gms